Talk of the town- Priyanka Karki and Aayushman Deshraj Joshi


Priyanka Karki and Aayushman Deshraj Joshi have recently been very popular in the media specially amongst youngsters in social media for their prior so called sister-brother relation now turned into a romantic affair as seen on their social pages. And yet again today they become the hot cakes of the social media because of their kiss on an award show.

Priyanka and Aayushman


Today as the “Chapali height 2” actor Joshi got called from stage for the award of the best debut actor for his roles in this very movie; he got up from his seat where he was sitting with his family in the same row as that of Priyanka ’s family and hugged and kissed Priyanka as his name got announced in the stage. Even from the stage he did not miss mentioning her and her mother as he thanked all others for their support.



Similarly, as she got the award for best actress the hug and kisses repeated. There has been a chaos in the social media pages since the pictures got out in the public. While some have mentioned how romantic it was and how people cannot take two couples kissing in public as sharing of love here in Nepal, there are others who thought it to be some attention seeking tantrum. There even has been comments that said how ashamed they made their parents with this improper behavior.



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