Choosing career is such a mess. We make it a little easy for you.


This time of life is -trust me- the hardest one. Hardest because you have to choose your life here, after which there ain’t any turning back and you later get no time to regret. This phase where you have to choose you career is so crucial period that this counts for life and life counts of this. But don’t you worry, as here we present you some ways to help you choose your career wisely.

  1. Make a list of options: Options are the best safe play mode. Keeping options not only keep you secured but also help you to expand your field of interest. list_of_career_option
  2. Find your field of keen interest: I have heard people say hobby and passion cannot be profession. I mark a big no-no to this statement, because we live in a world where every thing you dream, if stay dedicated can be changed into profession and you can earn good and in time being excellent if it’s about making money.interest
  3. Explore: Just keep surfing the internet and hitting google with all the question you have in your mind and explore over whatever can be the best option among the ones you have chosen. Find the best for you.explore_career
  4. Shortlist: Keeping options is amazing but keeping too many is again a mess!!! and you won’t want to have that. So after all the surfing and everything, short list your favorite ones and then learn deeply about what would suit you best.task_management
  5. Talk to people: No website or google would give you as honest suggestion as the people themselves. Talk to people from different walks of life and know what path you want to walk to people
  6. Stay dedicated: After choosing your best option just stay dedicated to that as you have chosen it for life and later there is going to no time with you to regret the decision. Just know that it’s not going to be all roses all the time and thorns never. So, just keep picking the rose and bearing with the thorns. stay dedicated

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So, you are all ready to kick start your life and make it awesome! Everything else is an excuse, that a looser makes. So stay confident and let the obstacles come your way , all you got to do this whole time is struggle, learn, move and grow! And face the problems and let life not be normal because guys! NORMAL IS BORING!!! All the best!