Nepali Doctor Sudeep Khadka and team discovers medicine against Ebola


Dr. Sudip Khadka originally from Baglung now working in Institute for Biomedical Sciences Georgia State University along with 10 other scientists have discovered medicine for the dangerous Ebola disease. The research paper of the discovery has been published in the famous journal “Antiviral Research”.

According to him the task of finding medicine for Ebola virus was 10 times more challenging than other viruses but his team did a fantastic work.

According to the university American government gives permission to work in the 4th level laboratory only after a long security check and hectic training. Dr. Sudip Khadka is son a of the former parliamentarian Hari Bahadur Khadka and state minister Champa Devi Khadka. Dr Khadka is lucky enough to be among the few people who get to work in such a prestigious lab and to be able to study in the fourth level. Dr. Khadka is also a Gold medalist in Cell and Molecular Biology study.

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