Pictures of Salman Khan Entering The Jodhpur Jail

Salman Khan Convicted and sentenced to Jail for 5 years. Salman Khan is proved guilty for the murder case of what they call Hirand in Hindi (Blackbuck). The actor has already...
elija gautam

Elija Gautam found at Club in DurbarMarg with Saroj Adhikari

The wife of well known journalist Rishi Dhamala producing Nepali film named ANURAG. Elija Gautam also working as a lead actress in film. It is the common trend in Nepali film...


Pulsar 150 TD in Nepal

Pulsar 150 TD in Nepal: The new model of Pulsar 150 which is awesome to look at, incredible to ride on and featuring the twin...
Most Sensual Men of 2017

Most Sensual Men of 2017