A paragon of a profound architect and model by profession, astonishingly beautiful, talented and young lady competing on Miss Nepal 2018 with 24 other candidates proved her brilliance and won the title. Yes, I am talking about Miss Shrinkhala Khatiwada. Born on July 23, 1996, in Hetauda she is 5’9” tall, and she completed her architectural studies in the very prestigious university of Nepal, IOE, Pulchock. She was so talented that she managed to top 3 of the semesters. She not only won the title of the Miss Nepal 2018 but is also a winner of various other competitions like Miss Beautiful Hair and Yamaha Miss Fascino. She is very fond of writing poems and articles, and she is on the way to publish the book in the very near future.

Khatiwada comes from the solid Political background and has a lot of influence of politics in her life. Her father, Mr Birodh Khatiwada is the new elected as a member of the central parliament from Hetauda area no. 2. and her mother, Munu Sigdel is president of the CPN(UML), Makwanpur District. She has one elder brother as well.

When Khatiwada went back to her hometown after being crowned due to her positivity, skills, knowledge and concern about the country, people counted her more as a role model rather than a model. To achieve faster development in the country there are three things need to be focused widely, she said on final Q/A round:

  1. The bureaucratic system should be amended.
  2. Empowering the youths of today who are considered as a prime pillar for the country and
  3. All Nepalese should have faith and trust in

She has plenty of experience already in the field of architecture. She was the personal relations officer at an architecture exhibition in 2015. She was also featured in MnS VMAG ad Campaign. Even though she belongs to a family having the strong political background, she has planned not to join politics, but she expects her future for being a very high profile skilled architecture and serve the nation in whatever way she can.