Anushka memes

Anyone who’s on social media, and by that I mean everyone these days, knows this very well. Scroll down your social media home page and you won’t miss it! It’s everywhere! On Bank notes, on photographs, on Mona Lisa paintings, basically on every meme these days, you’ll find her! Yes, we’re talking about the famous ‘Anushka memes’ that’s flooded everywhere on the Internet.


Anushka Sharma’s upcoming movie project ‘Sui Dhaga’ opposite to Varun Dhawan has over 23 million views just for the trailer. The wave of internet memes featuring Anushka’s expressions has led to some hilarious creativity from all around. The movie is yet to release on September 28, 2018. But the buzz is already taking over the Internet like crazy! Talk about becoming Viral on social medias for the weirdest of reasons. Most people do not know what the movie really is about. All we care for is how hilarious these creative memes are.

Anushka really is everywhere!

The level of creativity that social network users have published within these last few days is insane. It’s definitely hilarious, no doubt! And people have managed to keep it subtle until now with no negativity rising from anywhere! With the jolly personality Anushka Sharma has, pretty sure she finds it funny herself.

Anushka seems to be crying in happiness but the expression itself is humorous. Her attire represents an average Indian middle aged woman which makes it even funnier. Although the trailer was released a while ago, the real reason behind her expression is unknown. Filmmakers must be thrilled having kept that bit a secret from the viewers. If people wanna find out, they’re going to have to watch the movie. Plus, the Internet has already taken care of the publicity so no additional budget for that.

Social networkers have taken photoshop to the next level adding even more clever captions to the photos they create. They even dragged husband Virat Kohli in to the viral memes mix. Generally, memes would have faded within a few days but there’s no telling how long this trend will last. Mostly because everyone is enjoying them so much, people won’t mind having Anushka everywhere on their homepages.

Here are some more memes circulating all around :


And here’s the best one! A meme video made by a Nepalese production; be sure to check it out till the very end!