Bidhya Tiwari Is Back With Another Song ‘Ghamma Sukaideu’ After The Hit Of The Previous

The culmination of the first song Pitch Road has further explored a path for their duo( Bidhya Tiwari and Samir Acharya) in the market which can be seen through the new song ‘Ghamma Sukaideu’. The song Pitch Road had been loved by all of the Nepalese and this became the song which is played everywhere, in buses, in the house, in picnics, in the parties and many other places.


Bidhya Tiwari had pleased the audience with her soothing voice and Samir Acharya added flavor to the song more. While the video act of the play Pitch Road was done by the most talented and loved of all times, Sushant Khatri and he has been accompanied by Aachal Sharma as a female lead actor. This song finds Aachal Sharma and Manjil Basnet. Not only singers the credit has to be equally attributed to the actors, producers, and background supports of the song who has been stressing and struggling in equal proportion as them.

Coming to the Nepalese songs these days, they have been modernized to catch up the race with the western music. These mixing has been loved by listeners to the great extent, this is the prime reason why new Nepali songs have been loved by all. New singers of these generations have emerged to sing the same genre, and if this happens to continue for the generations to come folk songs and classics will for sure be vulnerable to extinct.

The singer is therefore defined by his/her versatility in singing songs of any genre, and Bidhya Tiwari and Samir Acharya fulfill this criterion. Bidya Tiwari defined her versatility in Nepal Idol and in Voice of Nepal. Samir Acharya is a well-defined singer.

If not listened yet, go through the new song and express your views in the comment section below. We support the team and singers and wish for the upsurge.