Director LB Subba is going all out for presenting his new movie in the best possible way. He’s chosen England’s most exotic areas to screen the new Nepalese movie ‘Black Summer’ his latest project. After the trailer released featuring areas in London as the clips’ backdrops, it’s time to head to Aldershot. The shoot will resume starting from the 9th of September this year in Aldershot, England. The exciting thriller features stars like Ambika Rai, Reema Bishwokarma, Ritesh Chams, Sapana Shrestha, Jyasang Limbu, Deepak Patman Gurung, Manish Shrestha and Sanam Kumar Bairag.

‘Black Summer’ Official Poster

After the trailer release, it is certain that the movie plot revolves around suspense. Besides a chilling suspense, the movie features a love triangle. Viewers eagerly await this movie shot at beautiful locations across England. The practice of abroad shooting has not caught on much in the Nepalese Film Industry as of yet. We don’t usually see every other movie with foreign backgrounds. Until, CGI takes over, filmmakers prefer locations within the country primarily due to budget issues. This is the reason Black Summer is even more anticipated. Along with that, having talented actors and actresses a part of the project brings more expectations from the movie.

A clip from the movie

The fact that the movie has a number of co-producers certainly plays a positive factor. Expenses in production include travel and lodging expenses for the crew, cast and equipments. Just when you thought the production has crossed the extravagance limits, there’s much more to come. And as if London and Aldershot weren’t exotic enough, producers are thinking way beyond imaginations. Apart from Aldershot, it has been mentioned that many more locations will be used in the film production. Way to go for publicity!

Black Summer
Actress Reema Bishwokarma in new movie ‘Black Summer’

How relevant is the abroad shoot to the story of the movie? Well, we’ll have to wait and see the movie for ourselves. But maybe that’s what the directors were intending afterall. To flood curiosity among the audience and get a good start right after the first release. Best wishes for the upcoming movie Black Summer from the team!