Boogie Woogie coming to Nepal!

Boogie Woogie will be launching Soon in Nepal. According to the official page of Boogie Woogie-Nepal, the show will have it’s inception from Chaitra 29 exclusively on AP1 HD. AP1 HD is all set to broadcast the show every Thursday at 8 pm.

Here’s Facebook page of Boogie Woogie-Nepal:  Boogie Woogie Nepal

Boogie Woogie will be the first ever franchised dance reality show in Nepal. After the huge success of franchised singing reality show, Nepal Idol, there has been a contentment among every viewer here in Nepal in consideration of franchised show.

Boogie Woogie will be the magnificent dance show here in Nepal giving a huge platform for every talented dancer. Not to mention, this show will be blissful for every dancer in Nepal.

Talking more about Boogie Woogie, the program will have 3 judges for the show. Priyanka Karki, the most happening versatile female actor of Nepal, veteran actor Mr. Dilip Rayamajhi and an artist, Kabiraj Gahatraj will be the judges for the show.

Boogie Woogie Nepal is with its catchy motto, that will make all Nepal bluster “BOO”. The show will be staging everyone adept at dancing and the best thing is that everyone will be seeing and hearing every undiscovered story of dances from all over Nepal.

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Thanks to Boogie Woogie-Nepal team for such an outstanding project in Nepal. This show will shed a bright light on every dancer’s life in Nepal.

So are you ready to dance? Hold on tight with your dancing shoes and be ready to move your body.If not, Boogie Woogie Nepal will make you move.