Buddha Lama’s first official song trending no.1 in YouTube  recently!

Buddha Lama is the first ever Nepal Idol who managed to win the first episode of Nepal Idol with finalists Pratap Das and Nishan Bhattarai.  And now Buddha lama has his first official video. His video is trending number one recently. The title of his video is “Timro Saath Bhaye Pachi” .

Buddha Lama himself posted on his Instagram about the song trending in YouTube. He added with the caption, “#thank you soo much for ur love 💝 and keep supporting guys and love you all ❤❤❤”

Releasing soon ! Wish me a luck ❤

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Talking about his song, the lyricist of the song is Suresh Wagle and the arranger is Gopal Rasaaily. The actors on the music video are captivating on-screen-couple, none other than Paul Shah and Aanchal Sharma. They had again justified their on screen couple romance in the music video of Buddha Lama.