cartoonz crew's latest video Dante Mohani

Cartoonz crew’s latest video Dante Mohani :

Cartoonz Crew has long moved on since the prolonged controversy that plagued their integrity and has kept the essence of Nepali B-boying performances alive and at the topmost of levels. Their unique blend of western choreography with a touch of the Nepalese moves just enough to suit the spirit of the song makes them one of the most popular of dance crews all over Nepal. They may as well have set the trend of dance cover videos for new songs which have led to many other crews uploading tens of videos on social media and in turn attracting the youth towards the world of entertainment. That said, here’s cartoonz crew’s latest video Dante Mohani, which is trending on Youtube lately.

cartoonz crew's latest video Dante Mohani

Their latest cover video on the song Dante Mohani by Sachin Phuyal is yet another example of their creativity and the range of talent they can bring in a dance number. This not only enhances the popularity level of the crew, the singer and the whole team associated with the production as evident by the huge wave of encouraging comments from their fans, it challenges the stereotypical beliefs across Nepalese society that entertainers don’t have the best of careers.

The video starts off with a playful comedic scene including renowned fictional and non-fictional characters in a cricket match and gradually moving on to the dance performance.

While it includes some recurring dance moves that dance enthusiasts might be able to pick up on if they regularly follow their videos, it is an overall entertaining video on an otherwise a very average song.

Cartoonz crew’s strongest attribute is undoubtedly their creativity in molding the moves as per the song’s lyrics visible in this performance as well. Although it may not have been their best cover video that they have performed, it is positively a well-choreographed sequence focusing on the comedic aspects while making sure the audience enjoys some great dance along with it.

Overall an above average performance but with room for improvement for the crew, perhaps towards the filming whereas, as always, the choreography and the direction was spot on. Most importantly, the crew has delivered yet another fabulous performance that deserves a pat on the back.

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