Chicago Explodes With The Trailer of  First Ever English Movie by Nepalese Team: “The Man from Kathmandu”.

The talents that Nepalese have possessed in every field cannot be generalized. Be it in the field of the music industry, business area, sports, and technology competing with hands-on with the world are tightly hugged by each of us in the respective fields. Recently, the film industry has been gaining tremendous pace and winning the heart of fans all over the world.

The trailer of the movie from the different planet, The Man From Kathmandu, has been on the air these days. The official unmasking took place in Chicago in Nepali National Convention 2018. The misconception of the poor minds and the myth Nepalese have been carrying from the past that Nepalese movie can’t catch the media, can’t reach the level of Bollywood and Hollywood and are now eradicated by this epitome. This movie ‘The Man from Kathmandu’ is the first ever English movie directed and presented by Nepalese group.

The man from kathmandu
Source: Imdb

To portray the story of Nepalese around the world more than 20,000 foreigners from 90 countries have been mustered to join ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria): It is set to release in Hollywood, Bollywood, and Nepal. The five crores investment movie has been filmed in USA (Los Angeles) and Nepal.

The producer is Nakim Uddin and Mema Dhondup is the director of the movie. As told, the movie is the conglomeration of Nepali, Indian, Pakistani and American actors which features Karma Shakya, Anna Sharma, Joes Manuel, Paramita RL Rana, Gulshan Grover, Nir Shah, Shisheer Bangdel as the main characters of the movie.

The man from kathmandu
Gulshan Grover

The shot plot of the movie: The American-Nepali half Hindu-Muslim boy comes Kathmandu in search of his grandfather and fights with the local don who kills grandfather and in following the path he reconnects himself to the root culture and tradition of his Himalayas, which he merely remembers.

Here is the  trailer of the movie thrilling and exciting you for its release: