Comedy Circle – The laughter dose


Life is just so busy these days! I wish i could have a escape!” common dialogue right? Yes, of course! Because this is something we complain to ourselves every day after the working hours or school hours! What if I tell you this is as easy as it sounds! Its comedy time.

Yes! yes! you heard that right! It’s just come kilometers or say meters away from you! But! boohoo! We live in a world of social media okay! So it’s just some clicks away! “Comedy circle” a stand up laughter stage! Oh my god! So much of fun we tell you. And comeon if you haven’t yet heard of this. “kahan se aatey hai ye log?” can get sticked. Where you ask? You know that better.

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Comedy circle has been growing amazingly these days! It started it’s first episode 5 months back. And has now become a family of 12k subscribers and the no. ain’t gonna stop any soon. Their latest open mic stand up comedy’s video got 100k + views! *claps* *claps* *claps* well deserved lads . A team of young enthusiasts forms comedy circle. Run under Viewfinders Pvt. Ltd. , Comedy circle is another thing in the Nepali YouTube market. And if you are missing this, you probably are missing so much of fun from your life. So, next time make sure before the dialogue that started it all comes to you mind again, turn on you YouTube and make it the “comedy circle time” and yes, if you wanna laugh with your stomach aching live join the comedy circle open mic at Samay Restaurant every Thursday from 6 pm. And thank us later for making your stomach hurt hard! uhuh not because of something else but laughter and more and some more laughter!
Comedy Circle official YouTube page is: Comedy Circle