There are movies that makes you laugh till you roll on the floor laughing and there are movies that leaves you with empty tissue boxes and there even are others that frighten you to the extent that you wish someone to be with you while you enter the toilet. Well, there are few other movies that leave you awestruck with its masterpiece work on acting, cinematography, direction and all other aspects. HoneyDoze has brought for you this list of 10 movies that every woman must watch.

The reason why to watch it, I will leave it for the ladies to dwell upon on their own.

  1. Mona Lisa Smile:


As sapient as this movie is, it will leave you to think hard  about the value of determination,dignity, courage, initiation, and strong objectivity. Similarly, the astounding cast of the movie has done it so well that this movie has actually been able to manifest the reality and has the ability to provoke people into being themselves, to value themselves ahead of anyone else. Not just for females, this movie is a must watch for everyone.

2.  The Devil Wears Prada


Fashion industry has always been The centers of attraction and talk of the town in  every part of the world, but less do people know about how a person today in the summit of success come tumbling down into nowhere. This specially is because people always see the sparkling side and tend to ignore the hardships of darker days. This movie initially was not intended to become a seminal movie but rather a similar comedy drama movies as others, however, it turned out to become an excellent production and a great movie to watch. This fun to watch movie being vivacious also has a thoughtful plot brought into life at the same time.

3. Revolutionary Road


While you watch this movie until the end you might be in a condition where you might not be able to pull yourself from your couch as you will ponder upon if it actually is about you. Unlike expected, this story of a couple with two children facing crisis in twentieth century actually has the capacity to inspire many. As the artists in the movie do, we all try to visit new places or be in different scenario to avoid one or just say to avoid difficulties at home but what we less realize is wherever we are we still remain ourselves. If the heart is vacant the echoes of emptiness is all you hear where ever you go, that’s what is depicted in an interesting way in it.

4. Eat Pray Love


Also you can opt for the book in this one but as you are the movie lovers just go for it. This story about how a woman all frustrated of her marriage and divorce and many aspect of life sets out on a mission. Starting from her plan to visit three countries starting from ‘I’ till the end of her visits we can see how she becomes happy just being herself, doing what she likes, being disciplined in her own way and loving full heartedly never like before once she is free of all the past frustrations. This movie indeed makes us believe how we ought to live is not what we are doing. We compromise and to live we need to fit not be fitted.

5. Elizabeth: The Golden Age


Yet another movie about a woman’s life where she has no right to private life and is deprived of even the simplest of joys. This movie about a life of a queen is less about power and politics in the history as it is about passion, adventures, betrayals, commotion and glory despite all this. How this single woman Queen Elizabeth-I lived through all this is wonderful to watch in its distinctive script and magnificent costumes.

  1. Where the heart is


Friendship, love and forgiveness has been manifested absolutely wonderfully in this movie which at first glance seems like cliched story plot. A young girl is abandoned by her boyfriend whom she thinks of as her life, as her soul after she gets pregnant. But life does not end anyway with such little tragedy. How we need to move on, be strong, still help others and keep moving on has been shown in a simple way though always intriguing the person watching to get stronger. Although heard thousands of time this message is always a support to the backbone of mentality.

7.  The messenger: The story of Joan of Arc

As one would think of large production based historical movies to be of similar stories of gallant warriors winning over the other or losing in some context manipulated as per they want it to be, this movie is something they must was as nothing is overblown or tedious.  Indeed, it has turned out to be a great movie with realistic depiction of the character of Joan of Arc where she portrays strong belief in self and fairness in her actions.

  1. Head in the clouds


As the name suggests the characters in this movie are seen experiencing a certain state of mind where they find themselves in a utter emotional situations and clement insanity that takes you to certain level of upper level experiences . However, this state has one aspect to reconsider it that is it certainly rakes you away from the reality of the world. The plot of the story is more of a study of the heart, not biologically but well logically while the cinematography done has worked perfectly right through the end.

9.  Elegy

’Elegy’ is one of such movies that will leave you awestruck, completely shaken and in disbelief perhaps. The story plot of a relationship between a college professor and an  young student is certain of leaving its impressions on you for quite a time. Reminding us of the reality that there always are people with whom we connect a little more easily, a little more closely than others this movie has been able to manifest what actually a spiritual connection can become.

10.  Amélie


Amélie is a young French woman who with her evocative imaginations once happens to find a cache of toys in her bathroom and sets a mind to return them to its rightful owner. This single decision changes her life in an unexpected manner as she begins to find herself into other people’s life in an unexpected way as she gets acquainted to different people in a different way. The cheerful soundtrack of the movie has added to its delight.