First Nepali-Hollywood Movie : The Man From Kathmandu, We Reviewed The Trailer And Its Dramatic


The trailer is out and wow! Yes, “wow” is the first thing you’ll be saying with the starting glimpses of this upcoming movie “The Man From Kathmandu”! The chills and Goosebumps from the very beginning till the end were constant. What a way to construct the perfect trailer making people wonder what will this movie be like!

This might possibly be the first Nepali-Hollywood movie and it’s pretty exciting. The actors have not made the Nepali-English accent so tacky which will attract spectators from all around.

The plot revolves around a Nepalese-American, half Hindu-half Muslim boy who fights for his religious beliefs. He travels to Kathmandu to find his father who’d joined the Syrian war but instead finds his lost connection with his homeland Nepal. José Manuel is cast as lead Faisal Mustafa and there is a cascade of celebrities from Nepal and India. Shot across Los Angles and Kathmandu, the story explains why foreign fighters join ISIS. Similarly, Anna Sharma will play Mustafa’s love interest who’s entangled in local socio-political turmoils.

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The choreography as seen in the trailer is pretty dramatic but what’s most awaited is the actual story. Director Pema Dhondup states that Kathmandu has the perfect blend of ancient and modern feel to it as required by the story. This particular movie will demonstrate the mindset of young men misled into joining ISIS. It was even inspired by an actual article Dhondup read some time ago and decided to evolve it into a movie. With this movie, Dhondup expects a wave of Hollywood standard Nepali movies in the future.

The Man From Kathmandu
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Now, there are going to be some critics (there always are). Patriots might oppose the idea of using English instead of Nepali as the main language. But, truth be told, if we consider the International market, viewers would prefer hearing it in English instead of subtitles. So far, people who’ve watched the trailer have nothing but positive comments. Why wouldn’t they when this seems to be completely different from the stereotypical movie concepts in Kollywood. The entire crew have crafted this milestone of a movie in the Nepalese movie industry exceptionally. Overall, a huge thumbs up for this movie so far.