Get wet in rain full of love this rainy season with these amazing poets and shayars.


The weather of romance, the weather to get wet in love, the weather of rain is here. Seeing your love through those drops and feeling all the happiness is one side to which the other side are the things that make it more intense- that feeling of party of butterflies in our belly. Among most, the shayaris and poems are playing amazing role in making you feel loved.

Here are some of the best and most appreciated poets and the “Shayars” you can definitely note down to not miss their next videos to feel all the love and get yourself ready to get wet in the shower of love.

  1. Zakir Khan: Comeon okay! if you are still scratching your head remembering this guy. You want to feel words of love, just type his name and put your earphones on and stay in a dramatic position (the bollywood drama? ofcourse!)
  2. Yahya Bootwala: Remember that “ho sakta hai tum galat ho“? yes, it’s him and you   all know right that, we did feel all the love with his that video. Make sure you continue his next videos in the playlist.
  3. Sweta singh: The reply giving girl yay? yes! she is the same girl with the mesmerizing  amazing voice who replied to the poem by Yahya! Interesting huh? Listen to more of her poems! You are gonna fall in love. *winks*
  4. Jai ojha: With “kuch batein hai jo tujhe batani jaroori hai” this guy turns every broken heart on to feel the love all over again. What an effect, isn’t it? Just don’t miss his more such poems, we tell you!
  5. Amandeep Singh: This punjabi guy has some amazing magic in the very simple manner he speaks in. Something so soothing, he has that just won’t stop you from switching  to more of his poems from one to another.


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And if you think this is it than you are missing some more amazing poets and shayars which will bring butterflies and more butterflies in your belly remembering all the love and feeling it. All you got to do to find more is run your fingers through keyboard to find some amazing poets on YouTube. Feel lots of love this rain reason and get wet in the rain full of love and more love.