Hrithik Roshan Shuts Media Up With Hilarious Tweets


You just can’t control people’s imaginations, especially when they work for the media. Just the tiniest of sparks is enough for media personnel to cause a wildfire in Social Media. Celebrities get bashed left and right by paparazzi sneaking around trying to get any unusual details about their private lives. Once word gets out, there’s no stopping the gossips, unless you’re Hrithik Roshan that is!

It’s true that the media is famous for harassing anyone they can find scoops about. But every once in a while, some celebrities turn the tables around in extremely clever ways. Most of them will try to avoid the comments and the questions but some will fight fire with fire. And to be honest, there’s nothing more satisfying than having the media get a taste of their own medicines.

Actress Disha Patani recently walked out of a movie shoot (still untitled) starring Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff. That was more than enough for the media to come to a conclusion that Hrithik was accused by Disha for some sort of flirtation. Wow! Who comes up with all this? Thankfully, Hrithik found the most subtle way to sarcastically prove the media wrong!

Hrithik Roshan and Disha Patani stuck in controversy

It’s absolutely hilarious when you read his tweets about the latest allegations that claimed Disha walked out because of Hrithik’s behavior.

Hrithik's Tweets

Disha Patani was not even cast in the movie to begin with. The production team sure had a good laugh about it. As for the movie, much is still unknown besides the fact that it will be an action sequence. It’s just amazing how far these people will go to create headlines. But now that Hrithik has burst the hypothetical bubbles, hopefully they will think twice before posting impolite assumptions about these humble celebrities.

Hrithik tweets

Hrithik released these tweets just a couple of hours ago to shut the media up for good. His sarcasm has a clear message that the people were up to no good coming up with ridiculous ideas so he’s offering to help out from the next time around. He also tweeted in a polite way for media to have their mind cleared from garbage. His suggestions of gym routines, for them to clear their heads are a great example of ‘tit for tat’! Hats off for keeping his cool and turning the tables around on people who obviously had nothing better to do!