Is Rajesh Hamal being overshadowed in the film industry?: The multi-talented legendary actor, a national hero of Nepal, a protagonist with very good looks, commanding voice, tall muscular physique, good fighting skills, Rajesh Hamal is undoubtedly everyone’s choice from more than 2 decades. It was the time of black and white cinematography, even when the people had already experienced animation in Hollywood, that Rajesh Hamal debuted for his first movie ‘ Yug Dekhi Yug Samma’. He raised his every movie even in such circumstances too.

With more than 100 movies in his career, he played lead roles in more than 50 movies and small roles. He is seen playing a protagonist role in most of his movies fighting against the antagonists in support of the poor villagers. To be pronounced, when Rajesh Hamal was at the pinnacle of his career, Nepalese Film Industry wasn’t that big. Nepalese Film Industry has travelled a mile away since then, and unlike those days where movies were pictured with more of love story and fighting a typical villain movies now are of a different theme.

Rajesh Hamal not only was famous in movies but he was constantly being trolled on the social media for the last few years. However, he is constantly praised for his contributions but why is that we are not aware of the Hamal’s activities in the movies and media nowadays. Is it because he has been overridden by the actors now? It may be pointed out that movies earlier were made of the same story, same theme and they started copying every plot of Bollywood movie, which could be the most probable reason for reducing the fan number of Rajesh Hamal and Kollywood as a whole. People of new generation wants change in story, plot and the theme of the movie.

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Hamal cannot be compared with Bollywood and Hollywood actors because this will be a biased comparison. His potential has not been explored in his career, it is just because of our not so developed film industry. Rajesh Hamal, no doubt has left a long-lasting legacy in the Nepalese Film Industry. If he was born in this era when the film industry is basically at the peak, he would not have been a less imagery figure than Leonardo Dicaprio of the Nepalese film industry.