Katha Kathmandu: A movie introducing Priyanka Karki and Ayushman Joshi together

Nepalese movies have taken an incredible amendment currently. It absolutely was the time when no one would like to watch, wait not even wish to hear about the Nepali movies. And its now, where Nepali movies have revolutionized heaps and catching the audience terribly quick. Producers, board of administrators, and all the cast crew members are catching a competitive pace and producing super hit movies one after the other making the role of actor very tough. By now, the present leading actors are being able to catch the fans with their astounding characters and roles each time they come on big screen.

The movie “Katha Kathmandu” by Sangita Shrestha, writer and tele-serial director, can after all catch the large crowd on cinemas. It is expected to release on September 28. Profound and proficient Bijay Rai being the producer of the motion-picture show. This motion-picture explores the story of lust, love and life by the leading characters that includes actors Priyanka Karki, Ayushman Joshi, Sanjog Koirala, Sandhya KC, Preskhya Adhikari, Pramod Agrahari. A really catching sensational voice of Indira Joshi has been introduced during this movie. She is returning with the song ‘Raatko kura’. Since, Priyanka and Ayushman are returning along after years, Priyanka is being blamed for the breakup of Paramita RL Rana, a number one actor of Chapali height 2, with Ayushman after 3 long years of relationship. However, it is simply a myth since both of them had announced already that they have been apart for the development of their career and future.

katha kathmandu poster
Katha Kathmandu Poster

This movie portraits separate stories of separate characters residing in Kathmandu. This movie was planned long before when Sandhya was directing the tel-serial. This serial caught by media and crowd, got good responses and provided an area to feature the picture further. She took time because she wasn’t ready so, in the mean time she wrote the short story that praised her to be a storyteller. The coming feature are of a well-recognized story which is able to be conferred with a unique approach.

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Wait till September 28: This motion-picture could bring out an unexpected story and cast.