Want to Make Out Video of Your Own: Try musical.ly


The trend of involvement of the individuals on the recent social media is seen on the mark of tremendous increase. Whether be it in the participation in Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, Viber, LinkedIn or any other social media, it has been raising its percentage of users engagement in this era. It is letting down the personal involvement in society, on the other hand, people are becoming more aware of the things in society and to do and not to list. Similarly, a new app musical.ly is on the way to increase its participants.

Musical.ly is a video platform wherein which the users can create their video, can do a mashup and share with the whole world. The global video community of musical.ly allows the users to choose the video of their own or can choose those provided on the app itself. It also allows the users to use their phone to record the video, edit the required part, make corrections, apply needed effects and share it globally.

It also allows users to follow their friends, and also the one whom they like the most, which ensures that followers will not miss the required act or video clip of the favorite ones. It works similarly as Facebook which also allows like, commenting and sharing the video.

Not only the individuals like you and me are involved but many of the film actors, singers and dancers are also involved. In Nepal, even it has touched the sky, and on each phone, you can see it installed. Barsha Raut, Priyanka Karki, Reema Bishwokarma, Keki Adhikari, Sushant Khatri, Cartoon Crew and many other Nepali personals are showing their acting levels in musical.ly too. It is an application of great entertainment, tremendous fun, and even a place for the talent hunt. I recommend personally if you are in your leisure time, please have a glace once.

If you are already a user suggest ways to improve on video making skills, how to attract more followers and other tips you know which need not be missed. Feel free to mention in the comment section below.