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Nepal Idol has returned with the second season of the popular singing reality TV show.  Since the first season was a great success in attracting viewers from all over the country, AP1 Television is back with the hunt for the next best voice. The ‘Idols’ franchise first started in the United States as ‘American Idol’. A year ago, this spread up to Nepal due to its immense popularity. The first season introduced some wonderful performers who won millions of hearts. Ultimately, Buddha Lama emerged as the first ever Nepal Idol but who will it be this time?

The first two episodes have already aired last week and has been on the top trending list of YouTube ever since, with over a million views. It’s evident that this reality show has become a huge deal among the people. The size of the crowd at auditions and Nepal Idol’s huge fan base demonstrates how crucial this show is in providing a decent platform for talented singers to find great opportunities. This season is expected to bring forth some more singing sensations from across the country and as always present a wonderful and enjoyable TV show.

AP1’s Presentation:

Perhaps the most enjoyable part about reality TV shows that makes audience glued to their TV sets until the very end and then eagerly await the next episode is how each episode is presented. A new face in the form of Asif Shah,  has taken over previous season’s host Sushil Nepal. Show presenters will be responsible for maintaining the same level of entertaining factor for the second season as well. New stories of new people with interesting contests across the episodes will surely make this new season spectacular, just like the last time. The expectation from AP1 TV’s Nepal Idol 2 has indeed skyrocketed.

Social Media Buzz:

nepal idol

A wave of Social media posts has flooded the internet and people are already picking their favorites. After only a couple of episodes have aired, it is spreading across Social Media like wildfire. It’s most likely that we’ll be seeing internet polls, predictions, and a lot more during this season as well. People have even created a number of memes relating to the different events of Nepal Idol. Up until now, the response from viewers has been mostly positive. We can all hope for a brilliant show overall but who will stand tall this time around? Who will be the next Nepal Idol? Only time will tell.

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