Nepali Names On Facebook That Will Drive You Crazy

Nepali Names On FacebookWhat is the first thing you ask someone when you meet them for the first talk? It’s obviously their name. And it creates an impression. Let’s talk something funny about today’s generation on Facebook and the user created names on facebook. Facebook is the thing which is talked everywhere, whether is it for communication purpose, promoting business, selling the things or most of the time it’s for timepass (just for killing the leisure). Many of the users have taken it as an entertainment purpose: The clear example of this can be seen as the name of the Facebook users.

Basically, the author wants to glance you over the funny Nepali names on facebook. More than the memes and creative funny pages, these Nepali names on Facebook creates more sarcasm. The list shown is self-explicatory:

1) Golo Kto Moh
2) Tero GF Mero Ex
3) Mogorni Kt Moh
4) Tero GF
5) Baba Ko Princess Ma
6) Tero Ex Ko Chamma
7) Baba Ko Pari Moh
8) Fuchay Ko Fucha Moh
9) Rider Kto Moh
10) Nakalay Kta Moh
11) Nakali Kt Moh
12) Ex Challenger
13) Papa Ki Pari
14) Xuchii Kt Moh
15) Gyani Kt Moh
16) Ghayal Premi Moh
17) Timro Premi Moh
18) Tero Bachha Ko Bau Moh
19) Timro Hune Wala Budo Moh
20) Kidnapper Kto Moh

Funny names on facebook

Did you even complete reading these names? Could you resist or control your laughter? You may laugh boisterously for such a hilarious mind and crazy people. These worst names do not fall behind with the funny names list that you have come across and guess what! They are not created out of compulsion as like someone’s surname, these are for the funny purpose or made out to get extra attention. These names are just the other regular jokes waiting to be told.

Be genuine, love yourself and be proud to announce your good name in public rather than these names which are causing disgrace.