The Nepalese song industry is doing pretty well these days. Thanks to social media and also talented composers who bring the Nepali spirit into songs and win hearts. Songs with traditionalism are so in style right now and adding celebrities into the mix works even better. Take all the viral songs of the past few years for instance. Barely any western influenced music makes an impact on the people as much as the typical Nepali flavored songs nowadays. Swastima Khadka delivered hits after hits and now it’s Priyanka Karki with her brand new song.

Our beloved actress had already melted hearts with her recent engagement news with sweetheart Ayushman DS Joshi. But before anyone else, she’s an entertainer. She’s delivered yet another notice worthy performance in Melina Rai’s new song. Just two days since the release, the song has half a million views. And you know social media, once a viral wildfire starts going, nothing will stop it.

It’s again the “local” flavor! No autotunes, no breathless rap just a pure pop-folk fusion that viewers just can’t stop enjoying. It ranks 32 on the top trending list of YouTube at the moment and is expected to climb a lot higher in the coming weeks. The music video is shot in the beautiful locations at the monasteries in Lumbini which adds to the beauty of the song. Overall the song delivers a lot of favorable element that fans have and will continue to enjoy.

Why aren’t fans impressed?

But is the song really popular because of Priyanka Karki’s performance? Let’s face it social media can be gifting as well as brutally harsh for viral media contents. However, fans apparently tuned in for Melina Rai, the singer’s voice. Some fans are also pointing out the fact that there is no real diversity in the dance steps or even the costumes that were worn. Choreographers just couldn’t get away from the keen eyes of the viewers. The massive number of views and the responses to the video gives mixed reviews. It’s too soon to tell whether the popularity of the song means good reception from the viewers. Watch the song here and let us know what you think.