Sushant Khatri with his moves in new video

Sushant Khatri- AAMA  :  Sushant Khatri presents his awesome lyrical moves in the music video “AAMA” presented by Lekhu Sahayatri. No wonder, Sushant Khatri is among the most talented dancer and always wowed people with his moves, specially lyrical dance. With his continuous wow dance factor, for the first time, he is in Nepali Music Video-AAMA.

As the tile of the music video suggests, the song is dedicated to a mother, the only seen god. The song is undoubtedly hypersensitive and you might find your eye full of tears as you can feel the song and the music. With that being said, Sushant Khatri has added flavor to the song with his marvelous and parallel dance moves. He has never failed to catch the beat with his moves. And in the video, he is quite a magical dancer, calm and composed.


The song is written by Lekhu Sahayatri and vocal by himself. The music of this video is contributed by Rajan Khatiwoda. The dance is choreographed by none other than Sushant Khatri himself.

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The song starts with the very touchy line- ” aama vandai roye karaaye…..” The song is a dedication to a mother, who lives her life for her children. A mother who could not stand for the sadness of her child, and who is the happiest being when her children are happy. The only person who cares for children’s stomach, whether they ate or not. A mother, who loves her child more than anyone. All this emotions and feelings of the mother are beautifully described by the lyrics of this song and the dance hits the song so dramatically.

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