The most expensive Nepalese Music video till date, features Ambika Gurung’s new composition. The latest edition of the song ‘Aadat-2’ has appearances from popular faces from the entertainment world.  Actors like Paul Shah, Pushpa Khadka and Nirajan Pradhan are the main catch, whereas the actress is the beautiful Dipika Prasai in the video.

Ambika Gurung currently resides in the United States but she continues to contribute to the Nepalese Music industry. Her words have been beautifully presented in this video, thanks to outstanding performers. Young and talented Suman KC has given an outstanding performance on her composition with the singing. Similarly, credits to Shankar Thapa for adding an upbeat music to bind the song together.

Now, let’s talk about the extravagant production! Bhavsagar Entertainment went all out with making this the most expensive of music video projects in Nepal. From dance numbers in a club to stunning drone footage, this song is as much for the ears as it is to the eyes. Designers carefully selected the wardrobe for each particular scene and incorporated appropriate video effects for final outcome. A lot of work went into the productions with a total of 10 lakh rupees estimated expenditure. In the description itself in the YouTube release, the list of people involved is quite a lot.


What are the expectations from the production team? Having a variety of stars featured in the videos would have to mean the production team has a lot of expectations from this project. 3 days since the official release on YouTube, the video already has over 2 lakh views. Out of these viewers, 65 hundred people have given a thumbs-up for the video.  There are some critics as well with over 2 hundred people disliking the video.

Paul Shah in Aadat2Average, considering how viral videos get a flood of viewers on social media these days! But it looks promising up until now. Currently the video is on the 37th rank of trending videos in Nepal. Fans are leading towards Paul Shah’s performance but the rest of the performers were truly amazing as well. With music videos in Nepal peeking in on over millions of views on YouTube, how soon will this video cross the first million views landmark?