Nepal Idol’s Season 2 Started: Have a Look At The Changes

Nepal Idol, the most popular singing reality show, is down to the earth for season 2 with the gate-guardian deity as the same three judges of season 1: Nhyo Bhajracharya, Indira Joshi, and Kali Prasad Baskota. And a host of the season none other than the same versatile personality, Reema Bishwokarma. However, Sushil Nepal, one of the best hosts, has been replaced with Asif Shah, again a multi-talented personality, due to some personal reasons. With all the auditions been finalized and got over at the marked places, it is now being broadcasted on Saturdays and Sundays every week on Ap1 HD television, the first HD TV channel of Nepal.

The rules of the season almost remain the same with some alternations; now your best singer will not be eliminated only due to short of votes by people, the judges’ votes will count too. The judges can alter the elimination in need. And the next one being the best singer in the audition gets the golden mike and will be pushed a step towards his dream, directly in gala round. Have a look at the first golden mike winner Min Raj Paudel selected from Dharan audition in season 2.

Min Raj Paudel is a teacher by profession, loves singing from the childhood days and still defines it as a passion. As of now, we have seen one of the contestants from Dharan audition worth the golden mike. He is the first contestant to win the golden mike in the short history of Nepal Idol. However, the number of the singers deserving the golden mike is yet to be explored in the upcoming auditions and we hope to increase its count. Nepal Idol, of no doubt, is counted as the number one singing reality show that is covering whole Nepal and accumulating the singers in and around. The show is on fire and catching tremendous fan following.

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The first season cumulate a huge popularity and introduced great singers of different genres. Everyone is waiting together for the singers to tick their heart with the performance. We all have been waiting for the winner of the Nepal Idol season 2, the pride of the country, singer of the nation, voice of the country. Have faith you will reach out your dreams soon.