The Mystery Behind The Song ‘Lutna Sake Lut’ Taken Down From Youtube

What else can define a singer? Threatful messages for his creation, bad remarks by the supporting organs of the nation or discardation of the new song from the social media. Is this the way how singers are venerated in the nation and praised for their work? Yeah! You are right, the author is talking about the highly respected and popular singer, Pashupati Sharma and his new song” Lutna Sake Lut Nepal Mai Ho Choot”. The so song has now been taken down from the official channel of Pashupati Sharma.

As per the sources, Pashupati Sharma was threatened by the youth wing of ruling Nepal Communist party to take down the song. Nevertheless, National Folk & Duet Song Academy Nepal (Rashtriya Lok Tatha Dohori Geet Pratisthan Nepal) has requested singer Pashupati Sharma to re-upload his song on Youtube if it was taken down due to the threat. The song Lutna Sake Lut was trending on #9 on youtube before it was removed. Sharma has uploaded a status mentioning that he will be paraphrasing or changing the wordings of the song wherever necessary before uploading it again.

Image of The Removed Song From Youtube

Before jumping into some sort of conclusion or blaming one or the other, read about why has the song been a threat to the communist party or any other political leaders to the point of its removal. The song is a sardonic take on the corruption prevalent in Nepal’s public and government sector, and includes a chorale that roughly translates to “If you can rob, you should rob; you can’t do it anywhere else in the world, but you’re free to do so in Nepal.”

Lutna Sake Lut
Pashupati Sharma’s Status

After reading this all you may have been able to generate your own views about the topic. So, who is really the miscreant in your view? A singer or anyone is free to generate his thoughts unless he points anyone directly so that it affects them: This is under the Freedom of Expression. Now what is happening is the infringement of this right.

The protestors have already created their path and gathered in Rashtriya Nach Ghar to play the song and to protest against the government. The social media has been burst due to the news and reaction against the action and whole scenario. Hoping singers, players and the one who works for promoting the country to be deeply venerated, let’s stand for Pashupati Sharma.

Listen to the full song, This song, however, is removed officially but is can be seen on the private accounts as: