Top 5 Entertainment Pages of Nepal


There are many platforms from which one can get entertained. One of those platforms through online is the Mark Zuckerberg’s invention “Facebook”. Facebook a leading social media engages the most audience worldwide. It has been a sensation of the internet today.

Facebook is an infinite informative website which relates to every of the contents required. Let’s talk about the entertainment pages of Nepal. The entertaining pages of Nepal contain jokes, funny pictures, text post, pictorial representation, animated videos and so on to keep the members of the associated group engaged.

Here are the top 5 pages of Nepal whose admins have been creating a tremendous effect to entertain the members. These may not be popular worldwide but can guarantee entertainment to the involved members:



An official page was launched in 2012 with the aim of to inform about Nepal bandh so that no one faces inconvenience on that day and also post information, quotes, funny trolls. Hit like if you do not want any notifications about banda to be missed and sometimes to laugh as well. This page shares impactful and very important news and makes us aware.

  1. MEME NEPAL [972K likes]


Nepal’s Leading Humour Portal founded on 27th April 2014 has been engaging the audience not only in Facebook but has their official Twitter page and Instagram too. It is very famous for entertainment, information and creating attention to the social issues via trolls, humour and satire. Received an award of “Nepal’s Leading Humour Portal” and has been highlighted in several National Newspapers & Social Media as Nepal’s number one Entertainer.

  1. TOP NEPALI JOKES [648K likes]


With a very active and enthusiastic admin of this page, they never fail to leave a smile at members face. They have been sharing jokes in the form of picture, video or a short animated clip. Very popular in making the sounds and movements of the face and body that express happiness or amusement, or that sometimes expresses ridicule or anxiety.

  1. TROLL NEPAL [101K likes]


It engages the audience, creates trolls but is not as popular as meme Nepal. Admins are trying to change the way people think and make them laugh by creating a trolls of recent social issues, politics and soon.



A group exclusive of girls is more of fun and entertainment. It also creates a troll, memes,  humour and satire. It mainly posts every type of contents related to fun. This is not as effective in producing humour as the pages mentioned above. This page has been a brand for brotherhood among the youth of Nepal, creating useful moves in society and nation. One can get huge information about Nepal from this group. This group has been daily digest among the youth of Nepal nationally.

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