Top 5 Hottest Female Actor of Nepal: The topic seems intriguing. Nepal has it’s film industry filled with hot female actors and in the recent years, there are incoming of new female actors and the trend seems unstoppable. When it comes to hotness, the bucket list would overflow. However here are top 5 hot female actors in Kollywood. Now this list might seem controversial, or not satisfiable. You can comment your favorite actress in the comment section.

1. Reema Bishwokarma

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A multi-talented personality is not actress but is also model, Video Journalist and TV jornalist. She started the acting career from the music video ‘Jindagi Bhar Saath Dinxhu Bhannele’ by Chris KC. She is a very hot actress and has curviest body. She is liked by almost all of the audiences and has done movies like Swor, Visa Girl, Bato Muni Ko Phool and many more. By now she has been raised to pinnacle by the international reality show ‘Nepal Idol’ where she hosted as co-host. No doubt she among the hottest actresses of Nepal currently.

2. Barsha Siwakoti

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An actress and model Barsha Siwakoti 5ft 3 inch tall. She is also counted as hot and sexy model and actress of recent time. She made her debut in ‘Nai Nabhannu La’ a 2014 movie. She rose in fame after the blockbuster movie Pashupati Prasad, where she played a role of a lover of Khagendra Lamichhane. And yes it is a movie that no fans will ever forgot. By now Barsha is a very versatile actress.

3. Samragyee Rajya Laxmi Shah

Samragyee is also very hot and sexy model and actress who is being frequently talked of her galmour, gorgeousness and attractive body. She is an actress with zero haters. She is very beautiful actress who got fame after being exposed in the movie ‘Dreams’ with Anmol KC. She also has been seen on various of videos and cover of many magazines portraying herself as a hot lady. She has done many other movies like ‘Timi Sanga’ and ‘Into Minto London Ma’ and many more. It would not be fair if we don’t count her among the hottest actresses of Nepal.

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4. Anna Sharma

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Anna Sharma also known as Anna Sharma is a Nepali actress and model who is desirable and hot lady of course. She debuted in Nepalese cinemas in movie ‘Jerry’ for which she was nominated by NEFTS Film Awards as a best debut actor,female and she won it. This raised her in pinnacle of success.

5. Sushma Karki

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Udreko Choli, an item dance, rose her into fame after its grand success. Sushma Karki was casted a very sexy bed scene in the movie ‘Mero Jiban Sathi’. But unfortunately the debut didn’t create much affect to the actress. She came into wide exposure after being featured in the movie ‘Bindaas’ again a very sexy and hot role. Now the sequel of movie ‘Bindaas 2’ is out featuring her. Not only in movie she was exaggerated as nude and sexy in the promoting poster before the release of the movie and yes, it was the reason for commercial success of the movie.