Top 5 Youtubers of Nepal

nepali youtubers

YouTube is one of the most popular video-sharing websites that was first introduced in 2005. YouTube allows users to upload, view, rate, share, add to favourites, report, comment on videos and subscribe to other users. YouTube is very popular in Nepal be it for entertainment purpose or Educational. Most of the contents in YouTube are uploaded by individuals and media corporations. YouTube has also been a good platform for earning money and at the same time for showcasing ideas and skills that could not have been possible otherwise. There are many YouTube channels that have crossed 100k subscribers in Nepal. We will not be addressing media corporate channels,  but we will be talking about the YouTubers who have rose to name and fame with the help of YouTube.

The top 5 YouTubers are listed below based on the number of Subscribers:
  1. Nepali Pranksters (Prankster Aakash)
youtuber nepali prankster
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Nepali Pranksters is the first prank channel of Nepal solely dedication to prank videos. As we can see today, there are many prank channels following the footsteps of Nepali Pranksters, but all the credit goes to Nepali Pranksters for introducing the culture to Nepal. We can always visit his channel if we are seeking for a little laugh. He has also tried diversifying his ideas with thug life videos and Dare Challenge Videos.

Nepali Prankster first joined YouTube on November 18, 2013.

The idea behind all this is of an amazing person and prankster Aakash Sedai from Jhapa, Nepal. He is popular for his smooth talk and creative prank ideas.

The stats of this channel include:

Number of videos: 160

Number of Subscribers: 246K

Number of views: 37,373K

Most popular video:  Bomb Prank – 224K views.

  1. James Shrestha
youtuber james shrestha
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James Shrestha is a Youtuber who is currently residing in the UK. He has also appeared in music videos. In his channel, he mostly uploads reaction videos, comedy videos, fun challenges and another kind of videos. He joined YouTube in April 1, 2015. He is popular for his energy, charisma and off course his laughs. He obtained silver play button in 2017.

The stats for this channel are:

Number of Videos: 107

Subscriber: 272K

Number of views: 18,390K

Most Popular Video: Reacting to Nagarkot Amazing Disco Dance – 823K views

  1. Beest Official
youtuber beest official
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Beest official is the YouTube channel of the very talented Sabin Karki aka Beest created on October 5, 2009. He used this channel to post videos when he was the leader and choreographer at Cartoonz Crew. So, most of the videos in his channel are dance and cover videos of the group. But after separating with the cartoonz crew, he has started posting videos with his new group i.e. Viral crew.

The stats for this channel are:

Number of Videos: 33

Subscriber: 277K

Number of views: 60,200K

Most Popular Video: Cartoon Crew | Funtastic Choreography – 24,302 K views

  1. Ming Sherap
youtubers ming sherpa

Ming Sherap is the youngest Youtuber in the list who started making videos at an early age of 16. He makes comedy short videos, and he has impressed everyone with his acting skills. He has garnered massive popularity at an early age with his observational humor. His real name is Mingmar Lama Hyolmo.  He has also launched a music video called Swag Kto Moh when remain viral for quite a long time.

He launched his YouTube channel in September 2016.

The stats for his channel are:

Number of Videos: 27

Subscriber: 282K

Number of views: 17,454K

Most Popular Video: Swag Kta Moh(Official Music Video)– 1,915 K views

  1. Sabin Karki – Beest
youtuber sabin karki

One of the most talented YouTuber in Nepal. He is a successful choreographer, dancer, and YouTube vlogger.

Both of his channel taking the top position tells us about the number of fan following he has.

Most of his videos are trending in top position these days.

His music video Viral Bhaidiyo remained viral for long period. He has nowadays focused more on making short comedy videos which are also always trending on YouTube. All the videos in this channel are comedy short videos.

The stats for this channel are:

Number of Videos: 29

Subscriber: 286K

Number of views: 16,892K

Most Popular Video: Traffic Incident – 1,239 K views

Other Honorable mentions:
  • Girish Khatiwada
  • Sisan Baniya (Paradigm TV)
  • Neetesh Jung Kunwar
  • Prankster Ashish (Prankster Revival)

The above mention list is only based on the Number of Subscribers in the channel. So do not be disappointed if your favorite Youtuber doesn’t make it to the list.

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