Trishala Gurung : The New Cover Girl Next Door


When it comes to mesmerizing cover songs, Trishala Gurung has reigned over our hearts for a while now. The YouTube sensation whom we’ve all come to adore always had an obsession for music and isn’t that obvious? Her latest cover of ‘Sapana Bhai’ has attracted over three million of viewers on YouTube. We just can’t seem to resist having her songs on repeat and be lost in the magical realm of her melodies.

Trishala’s Back Story:

It starts off as a typical Nepalese plot. The parents despise the child’s creative dreams and force them to focus on the academics. Trishala was no exception when it came to convincing her parents to let her pursue music. As an M.B.B.S. student, Trishala was supposed to graduate as a doctor, at least that’s what her parents wanted. They were so strict about her singing that she wouldn’t even post her cover videos on Facebook. All she cared about was singing, but it was too big of a risk to post it online where all her relatives had already joined.

Trishala Gurung

Fortunately for Trishala, back in the days Instagram was just on its initial phase with not much users. She began posting her cover videos on Instagram to be able to share her creativity. Currently, Trishala has about 140 thousand followers who’ve constantly uplifted her spirits. She claims that this immense support was what turned her passion for singing into an obsession. Her sweet sounding voice that resonates deep within, has led to her video even making it to the trending list in Nepal. Without a doubt, her talents deserve this response. Trishala still finds it hard to believe that her fan base grew so large so quickly. She considers Instagram a blessing for herself.

Trishala Gurung

Trishala continues to perform at different restaurants in Kathmandu and her YouTube channel now has 63 thousand subscribers. Now, in her fourth year of M.B.B.S. studies, Trishala’s enthusiasm for music hasn’t faded. She’s always ecstatic when asked about her musical journey so far. We wish her all the greatest of success and eagerly await her upcoming performances.