Vten with his latest music video: Simsime Pani.

The “churot”song rapper Samir Ghising aka VTEN is among the greatest rapper of Nepal. He is the youngest and talented rapper of Nepal who got recognized for his wonderful rap talent from his very first unofficial “churot” song, being uploaded by Girish Khatiwoda in his personal Vlog on Youtube. And now he has a new music video, Simsime pani.

Samir Ghising got huge respect and recognition for his churot song and is among the well – established rappers in Nepal. Since then he has been coming up with new and best music videos with meaningful lyrics which are so practical and related to people’s life. That may be the reason that people, especially among young generation are hugely attached to his songs.  Manchhe Khatam, Himmat,  Aaisake Ma are among his greatest song. Simsime Pani is his new official music video. He uploaded it to his official Youtube channel just couple of hours ago today.

And now, Vten is with his new music video Simsime Pani. The video is presented by  The Basemet and track is produced by TrapNepal, in association with The Coffee Lounge, DurbarMarg.

Here’s Vten Youtube link: Vten Youtube Channel

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The song goes with the line Simsime pani ra Jiskine naani…. The song has explicit lyrics, and some sort of vulgurness as always like in most of his songs. The song has already got  34k just in 2 hours. Check his new music video and let us know about your review on his video in the comment section.