Vten’s music video- Simsime paani removed!

Simsime paani removed – The latest music video of Samir Ghising aka Vten, Simsime Paani which created quite a buzz lately is no more on Youtube. The video which was uploaded just a day ago by Vten on his official YouTube Channel Vten Youtube Channel is now removed.

Also when it comes to Social Media, Facebook, Vten’s Simsime Paani is a trending topic lately. There are numerous posts related to his music video, most of them criticizing for the video content. People criticized his video stating that the video and lyrics are beyond the ethics and crossing the Nephop line but then its’ not to that extent because Vten himself is among established rapper here in Nepal.

Yes, it might seem that the video disclosed some vulgarity and people are not liking the video. But the fact behind the removal of his video seems legit about the Copyright issue.

Yes, the one and only reason behind the removal of his video is claiming of copyright. The video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Music Nepal. Now you might be wondering how come the video got copyright issue. Here’s the story behind it. Music Nepal has its ownership of the video named “Simsime Paani ma” by Rekha Shah.

And Vten’s starting music contained the music of this video by Music Nepal, which is the only rigid reason behind copyright. Let’s listen to Vten’s opening music of Simsime paani..

So, to the clear point, Vten did not remove his music video for the sake of People Criticizing but due to claim of ownership and copyright content.