“Common let’s bring the game on”, a group of four friends was discussing the very fascinating, interesting, entertaining and moreover skillful play. “All of you follow player X  to jump from the parachute, get down collect your weapons and accessories and gather around, you have got two mins said”, the other in a group.

Doesn’t this conversation seem interesting? Don’t you want to know more about the thrillful game? Cool, then let’s hear about it. Yes, you all are correct. The mates are talking about none other than PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battleground). A game published by PUBG Corporation “PUBG” is an online multiplayer battle game.

Let’s gather some information about how the game works in real. The game starts with a flight initiation which contains about 100 passengers. All of them being your enemies except the four members of the group. As discussed, players have to jump from the plane over the island, reach the ground and collect weapons and accessories from the houses on the ground. The accessories include health kit, bandages, painkiller, energy drink, police vest, fascinating clothes and weapons, binoculars and the gun parts and many more.

On the top right corner is the map provided from where you have to access the location of your teammates and be together (advantage of being together is if you got knocked out, your teammate can revive you back again), kill your enemies and the last team or the last one remaining will be the luckiest to have the chicken dinner. Mainly, on the map there is a white circle which represents the play area, it gets restricted as the time passes on and the players have to be present inside the circle to continue the game or else they are dead. The minimization of the area is mainly to bring the players closer and to get real battle on. The last one to survive decides the winner.

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Isn’t it interesting? Here are some of the tips to improve yourself in playing:

  1. Do not keep much distance between you and your target.
  2. Hide and search your enemies.
  3. Be always with your teammates.
  4. If you have an automated weapon switches to single fire or burst fire.

If you know more tips add up in the comment section below.

Wish you the next chicken dinner from the teams at PUBG.