World Cup 2018 winner: France Added One Star on Sunday Night

The great world cup held in Russia from 14 June has marked its ending. Indeed, it was a great ending. The cup found its origin to France after 20 years. The match between Croatia and France on the 15th of July had been unpredictable and of immense joy and pleasure. France won the game but Croatia won the heart. Yeah I mean both were good teams, both played well but at the end what matters is the only score.

Viva Le France #worldcupwinner2018 #francewinnerworldcup2018

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Croatian players should be so proud as they have reached the country’s status to the next level which itself is the most significant achievement. This is the only time Croatia had played the biggest game in international football. Players like Mandzukic, Modric, Rakitic, Lovren  and every of the lineup players delivered it so well on the big pitch. The whole journey was very pronounced from beginning till the end. The Liverpool defender ”Lovren” was disappointed after he lost the second final of the season, after his loss in the champions league final with his club. Congratulations to Luka Modric for the golden ball being the best player of the tournament.

France, on the other hand, had been better. France did not play football rather they waited for the chance and scored. They played every game of the tournament with great tactics. France won all the matches in 2018 except a game draw. The overall performance of France was outstanding. They played like back in 20 years. The year was 1998 we were way too small, France won the world cup for the first time.