By now you may have already gone through the video of the audition of Miss Nepal available on the social media. The adamant, Rachana Gurung Sharma, one of the panels of judges in the Miss Nepal competition chastise an auditionee. The  22-year-old Ashmita Maharjan, with waist-length dark hair and horn-rimmed glasses, sitting in front of six judges–three men and three women–trying to explain, very honestly, why she decided to show up the way she did.

Nepalese after looking at the video felt bad and started a petition for removing the judge from the show and it mentions the following:

Rachana Gurung Sharma, one of the judges in the Miss Nepal event, totally upbraided an auditionee for not wearing cosmetics and makeup and wearing glasses rather than a contact lens. We can’t have such people like Ms. Sharma on the panel of judges characterizing what Nepali magnificence is and harassing hopeful dependent on their appearance. She is advancing a misguided feeling of magnificence and is totally distant from consistently Nepali natives. In particular, the way that the challenger needed to ride a bicycle, a typical method of transport for Nepali natives, and to maintain a strategic distance from contamination she couldn’t wear contact lens.

Gurung Sharma ought to freely apologize to the contender taking part and resign quickly as a judge on the Miss Nepal. If she agrees to do so it will be then there is no point of discussion, if not, the sponsors should collaborate with the team of organizers: Yamaha Nepal, Ruslan FM 95.2, Livon, Thai Airways, Hyundai Nepal, and so forth should rethink their association with the Miss Nepal event and totally end their sponsorship bargains. It’s requested to every Nepalese to once through the video and blacklist the judge and start a social media campaign to raise awareness about this issue until appropriate changes take place.

Miss Nepal Shrinkhala also posted the photo “No make still beautiful hashtag”.

No MakeUp And Still Beautiful

Even Nikita Chandak told she went without the makeup. Makeup is not the ornament that defines beauty and brain and the talent of an individual. This act of the perfidy was not the right thing, the reputed personal would behave. The demand Nepalese are keeping is therefore up to the mark.

And there are hilarious trolls all over the internet:

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