Next Time You Buy Something Choose The Products Of These Fashion Designers

The experiment, excitement, the luminaries of the art world, the crafts and molds of inventive subtle elements that turns into a form of fashion which guarantees all that hard work to reach the zenith of the career. Here is the list of top 5 fashion designers who have avoided the sleep, buried the worries, eradicate the mistakes, projected out the ego and now are counted as top in Nepal.


Sherpani Creations
Sherpani Creations

Sherpani is a product leader in lifestyle bags for women who define their own meaning of success and who do not conform to just one way of life. Sherpani Creations; run by French-Sherpa Emilie Sherpa; recreates the traditional malas and turns them into wearable necklaces and bracelets too. The designs of Sherpani Collections are available at Timro Concept Store in Jamsikhel and Art Market at the Sanepa.

2) EKADESHMA (Once Upon A Time)


Ekadeshma is run by sisters, Alpaza Rajbhandari, a fashion designer and art lover, and Anuja Shrestha, a business graduate was started in 2011. They had a very struggling phase: They started from a single room to a profuse factory setup by now. They were known initially for making T-shirts and now they manufacture their own products on a small scale. All the clothes manufactured by them use local resources as much as possible, like hand-woven cotton, hemp fabric, and cloth made from bamboo after complete refine. They only use female workers and produce excellent clothing. They have their shop on Thamel and Timro Concept Store too.


HattiHatti Production

Hattihatti is mainly focussed on flourishing its products in the market made by the women from the marginalized community in Nepal after proper training and education. Their logo has two elephants as their name signifies. They popularly manufacture tote bags and kimonos which are made from recycled silk saris that make for great dressing gowns or cover-ups when touring Kathmandu’s temples. Their products are also available in Timro Concept Store and even outside the country, Sweden.


Resa living
Resa Living Production

Resa Living creates unique designs from carefully selected fabric by using luxurious and delightful vintage cloth. Their uniqueness defines every style that comes with its own look and feel. Every bit of cloth incorporates a story which impregnates you soul, as well as the stories of the ladies you empower after you select their artisan-ship. Their styles are hand-crafted using ancient skill and each piece is unique. It is run by Theresa, a Danish resident of Kathmandu. They have their products at Timro Concept Store.


White yak
The White Yak Production

The White Yak is known for the Pangden making, colorful aprons worn by Tibetans on front. They use Pangden silk and fabricate the new items out of modern designs. Its products too are available at Timro Concept Store and One Tree Shop on Durbarmarg.