Priyanka Karki wearing Designer Sunita’s Design for Boogie Woogie.

Boogie Woogie, the first ever franchised reality dance show is ready to make Nepal dance with its’ roaring “BOO”. Boogie Woogie is all set to telecast every Thursday at 8 pm exclusively on AP1 HD.


AP1 HD has been introducing franchised show including Nepal Idol. The Voice and Boogie Woogie are next projects of AP1 and will be coming soon. With that being said, we have a Versatile female actor, Priyanka Karki as the judge for the dance reality show. Let’s shed a light on this topic.

Miss Teen Nepal 2005, Priyanka Karki has always been phenomenon topic to talk about in media especially with her relationship and lifestyle. She is always conscious of her dressing and lifestyle. She has been role model to every teenager here in Nepal and when it comes to dressing and fashion, she is always in rigid consideration as a Fashion Icon here in Nepal.

And this time also, she continues to create a buzz in the fashion world with her dazzling dressing sense from Boogie Woogie, which will be next topic for media to bend on. She is really a fashion Icon in Nepal, and a motivation for everyone in the fashion arena.

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