There is always a question for you, whether to go to gym or not. Whether to manage time for health or not. Well, there are lots of exercises you can do at home without really going to gym. Yet you can have the best physique with these exercise performed at home.

Here are 3 exercises among the list of best exercises you can perform at home.

1)    Plank:


If you are looking for the best exercise, its plank, plank, and plank. Plank is the most effective exercise and has alternative name frond hold or abdominal bridge. When you plank your abdominal, back, shoulder and most muscles strengthens. Plank is done mostly for strengthening your pack, hopefully for abs and it is considered best exercise for best physique especially for stronger abs and shredded abdominal.

Here’s how you plank:

  1.  Get yourself in the position of a push-up with your hand still on the floor.
  2.  Make sure your body is parallel to the floor, with elbow supporting your body.
  3.  Hold it, until you can.

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2)    Skipping:



You might be wondering how come skipping is the best exercise. Well, you can find the answer to your query if you google it. It is the exercise, if you do it regularly you will be for sure in the best shape you can imagine. It is full body exercise and burns the most amount of calories than any other simple exercise. Skipping is a very simple exercise that will cost you just skipping rope and you can perform almost everywhere.


3)    Push-ups:


Everybody knows about push-up. Push-up is done by raising and lowering the body with the support of arms. It is mostly performed on the floor and considered the best exercise for arms, shoulders, and abs. Push-up is among the exercise that burns a large amount of energy in your body.