Success doesn’t come with just setting goals and never doing enough right things to achieve them. As the famous saying “Dreams don’t work unless you do”, your goals or your dreams won’t become reality unless you work on them every day.

Some of the science backed ways to make yourself attached to the process of doing right things to become successful.

  1. Yoga and Pranayam

Yoga is increasingly being adopted as a lifestyle by many in this modern world of stress and health hazards. Many researches have proven that not only it makes you healthy but also helps in stress reduction which in turn increase your quality of work and production.


Pranayam is a simple breathing practice you can do daily. It relaxes your body and mind. Many researches have shown that employees who performed Yoga and Pranayam daily were better at handling pressure and bring out best in worst scenarios.

2. Limit The Decisions That You Make

Studies have found that people who make decision every moment are less likely to fulfill them. We make decision at every instance of our daily life it may be snoozing the alarm or not, wearing clothes, or having different breakfasts every day.

Make few decision may be one or two and stick to them. You can wear same set of clothes for a week and don’t have to waste time in thinking which to wear.
By making fewer decisions you become more aware about it and you tend focus more on your daily work.

3.  Focus More On One Task At A Time

The point number two mentioned above directly helps here.How? By making limited decisions you directly focus of the job you are doing and cutting the time that you used to make decisions.

For instance if you are a computer programmer you would more productive if you stick to one programming language. If you try to learn multiple languages you would sure not perform better.

Many people state in their resume that multitasking as their strength but the fact is for any human it becomes difficult to be attentive to every work as a result the productivity drastically goes down.

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  1.  Consistency Is The Key

We make decisions every day we work on them but not every day for a longer period of time. Consistency is the key in making or breaking good habits. Just like gaining control over a good habit leads us to success and bad habits to failure.

Just by joining the gym you won’t make yourself fit you would have to do it everyday. And here many of us fail. Here the process is more important than the destination. The persistence of habit and continuing it for the required time leads to success.