Beginning to the end of the day, we think of several things which are useful or not useful as well. Have you ever thought about mapping up a day to make more effective? Why some people are activist and get things done timely?  Actually, we can make our life better by acting according to our nature and developing habits.

  1. Clean From the Night Before

You have good time and energy if the things are cleaned from the night before. You should clean off the cluttering things such as old magazines, old receipts, and papers and so on. The activity of decision making should also be eliminated from the morning list.  Jeff Sanders, host of the 5 AM Miracle podcast, says ideal morning starts from the night before and the key thing is evening boundary. He makes actionable To-Do-List, set out work-out clothes, books that is read in the morning a day before.

  1. Morning Routine

It is also necessary to get proper amount of sleep as it helps in mental health as well as weight control. If you wake up early, you have extra hour to beat the tasks. Research has shown early risers are more diligent and they anticipate and minimize problems. Gretchen Rubin, founder of The Happiness Project, says that she finds her morning easier when she has morning routine of doing the right things at the right time. Also, Claire Diaz Ortiz, productivity expert explains how you start your day shows how the day will run and having a morning routine helps everyone to stay focused on what is most important to you in the book Design Your Day.

  1. Energize yourself

Studies show that physical exercise also enhances metabolic rate. You can drink liters of water or a cup of coffee, cold shower, workouts, etc. Regular exercise boosts overall blood flow and oxygen to brain. It also reduces stress hormones like cortisol, nor-epinephrine and adrenaline which prevent depression and anxiety. It also reduces the risk of osteoporosis, dementia, breast cancer, colon cancer, developing of arthritis, etc.

  1. Affirmations and Visualization

When you wake up you should visualize your dream, think through goals and To-Do-List and take time to map out your day. You should stay optimistic and also down to earth. Research has shown even two minutes of visualization can make productive day. You need to use positive affirmations and focus on things you do.


  1. Bond:

In course of fulfilling the demands, we forget to spend time with our children. Don’t be like,” Oh, my children grew so fast. I wish I had spent more time with them.” You can also show affection if you are living with someone like cuddling and lot more things. Cuddling someone releases serotonin, which really boost someone. You can strengthen relationship and built trust.

  1. Gratefulness

Gratitude is the foundation of a great day. You simply need to put gratefulness into the brain and fill it with positivity and it eventually it becomes your habit. Tony Robbins, an American author and philanthropist, says that after he gets up every morning, he makes a radical breathing and feels grateful for three specific individual things for three minutes. He thinks of intellect, step in mow and remember and feel it.

  1. Silence

Meditation is the best activity to do every morning. If you are introvert, silence recharges you. An hour of peacefulness makes you feel moment of bliss. Most of the successful people have meditation schedule in their morning list.


  1. Selecting the priorities

Making a To-Do-List helps in achieving your targeted goals faster and even makes you systematic. However, listing bunch of tasks in your To-Do-LIST is not practical. You need to make journal every morning which shows you the ways of improvements and faults in you. You can also use Eisenhower Matrix that makes you realize your priorities. Having clear plan for the day helps to keep you track on doing important things and you are not distracted by critical things.

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