America’s Got Talent: Saw This Incredible Boy In America’s Got Talent? His Performance Held Every Audience’s Breath

How do you define talent that an individual possess? Is it the skill with which he performs the task in a polished manner or the perfection of doing the work? Well, both of them are correct. Nevertheless, there is something called inborn talent and need ways or work to explore the same.

America's Got Talent

The boy, Tyler Butler-Figueroa, I am talking about held the breath of the audience by playing the violin. Really, this is the first time I have ever seen someone playing with such perfection. He played a very popular song.

Talking about his past, Tyler was bullied from school (stating that it is a contagious disease) because he has cancer and he almost died. He was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 4 and a half. A random day,  his mother took him for the dinner and observed that something was not normal with Tyler and took him to the hospital found out that he has cancer by the blood test.

America's Got Talent
Tyler On AGT

The boy started playing the violin when her mother found out that he was keen on music at the age of 7 and a half. He practised himself to bring out this skill of playing with such perfection. After he joined the classes, he was like sunshine. Everyone at America’s Got Talent was surprised to see him play and were in tears after listening to his story. Simon, one of the judges, after being impressed pressed the golden buzzer. The golden buzzer means the best of all.

America's Got Talent
AMERICA’S GOT TALENT — “Auditions 3” Episode 1403 — Pictured: Tyler Butler-Figueroa — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

What happened if he was bullied from school, disliked by his classmates and hated by his friends and neighbourhood guys? He is now loved and respected by millions of people.

See His Full Performance Here.

Gaur Gopal Das also shared the video on his timeline being touched by his to story and act he did. He had mentioned the following on his Facebook profile.

Is being poor a sin? Is being talent in a poor family is a curse rather than a blessing?
Such talents are hidden and aren’t explored only because some of them are poor enough, or deprived of being poor while other are being hidden because they are less powerful and not able to establish their talent in front of the world.

America’s Got Talent and many other shows have therefore helped such people who have the talent and one can show their performance irrespective of his nationality. Many talents have emerged such way.

If you haven’t seen the performance of the guy we are talking about then here is the link, have a look.