Have been feeling ignored by your friends and society? Kasari hune tah cool college kid Nepal ma? Sathiharu ko saamunne cool banna chahanuhunxa?

  1. Have a good sense of humor

Good sense of sense of humor is always the key.

Cool College Kid

2. Get good grades

Getting and maintaining good grades is important not only for your future but also helps to build up your image in college.

Cool College Kid

3. Addiction to social media like Facebook isn’t cool

Involve more in the real world instead of checking your social media feed every now and then.


4. Express yourself

Participate and perform in events you like. It really helps you get that badass image.


5. Always put your view

Always give your view of what it looks to you and what should be done.


6. Own a pair of Sunglasses

Sunglasses add that charm to your face that you need.


7. Pick an accent American or British

They say picking an accent is cool, maybe it is.


8. Maintaining an awesome Instagram account

Maintaining an Instagram account is cool why not.


9. Get your hair dyed if you are a girl

Dying hair is cool anywhere.


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10. Having friends from the opposite gender

Friends of opposite gender give you a different perspective on life.