BREAK-UP sounds as awful as it feels right? It is not even any closer to anything pleasant and it only hurts. Only in some rare cases it works fine while in the rest, people undergo a terrible phase and may get depression, breakdowns and other emotional fluctuations eventually leading the heart-broken to commit seriously wicked actions inadvertently driven by the pain. It ends up being violent to the one who is undergoing the breakup phase but also harms his/her surrounding including family, friends or relatives. They feel messed up and ease the suffering for they do not love that level of decision making power to make rational things to control the situation and circumstances they’re surrounded by.


Here’s the list of some DO’s and DON’Ts which surely will help you to get rid of post breakup difficulties. Give it a Shot!


  1. Spend time with people you are more likely to be happy with. (friends, family)
  2. Involve yourself into something you are passionate about. (Dedicate it your soul, time and energy). The effort you put into with be worth it. The paybacks will amaze you.
  3. Watch funny videos over romantic or tragic ones. (You know it too, that shit will spring you back to the place where you don’t want to be anymore. Laugh Out Loud! Comedies are Remedies.)More than what you should do there are things which you SHOULD NOT DO strictly.


  1. Don’t be alone (spending time with self is good only when you’re not heartbroken. It won’t be productive rather you’ll be depressed) Surrounded yourself with people.
  2. Don’t do overthink.
  3. Don’t involve yourself into the past relationship. (Do not stalk him/her). It’s okay to scream, cry. Take all the negative vibes and aggression out of you. Stand strong and try to move on. You’re more than the crap you feel inside.
  4. Don’t generalize people. S/he ditched you doesn’t mean all people out there are alike.
  5. Be positive. Make new friends. New environment lighten up your mood rather than sticking into that quite old boring schedule without ignoring all the well wishers you have by your side. You may not get sound sleep, that’s obvious! It is really very necessary to keep yourself calm.
  6. Try not to take sleeping pills. Rather you should try hiking, trekking or working out with friends. Don’t stay on the bed all day long idle. You may or may not know that working out or putting physical effort in anything helps brain to release a chemical called endorphin which is responsible to keep us happy and content.

Life is much more than this and your beautiful soul has yet many things to behold. Just wait for it. STAY HAPPY! STAY HEALTHY !!!