Electric bikes and scooters in Nepal – Go Green


Electric Bikes and Scooters in Nepal:

The ongoing frequent hike and shortage on petroleum products is giving hard time to the bike riders. The air pollution and all the noises emitted by the vehicles which is directly affecting the environment. The solution to all these problems seems to be on going Electric and Eco Friendly. The electric vehicles could revolutionize urban transportation. As we know electric vehicles have become quite popular in recent years all over the globe, be it electric four wheeler or two-wheeler auto vehicles. Furthermore, with the limited amount of petroleum resources which will definitely finish up in the near future with its present high demand around the world. So, its sounds legitimate that the world is slowly shifting towards electric vehicles discarding their motor counterparts.

As majority of the vehicles in Nepal are two-wheeler which occupies 70% of the all vehicles and almost all of them are petrol powered. May be its time for us to look at some of the aspects and features that these electric bikes carry and learn how it can change our lifestyle and the depreciating condition of the city we adore. May be it could change our perception towards e-bikes and helps us gain some insight about various models that we could find in Nepal.

According to new rules it is compulsory to acquire two-wheeler license before you can ride one of these bikes or scooters, which was not mandatory in the past. The only difference from the petrol run two-wheeler is that from road worthiness test to vehicle registration – everything needs to be performed by the company, not by the rider. The Department of Transport Management (DOTM) is planning to come up with a concrete guideline for the electric vehicles within some time.

NIU N1s:

One of the good scooter you can look upon in Nepalese market is NIU N1S Electric Scooter launched at the NADA Auto Show 2017 priced at Rs 2,65,000. It can go up to 80 km after a full charge with a top speed of about 55 km/hr. All of the lights are LED and a dual-piston hydraulic disk brake both front and rear.


NIU provides good motor from Bosch and uses sim cards which can be synced with the NIU app to provide real time diagnostics and security lie anti-theft tracking feature.

NIU N1s stats:

  • Mileage (city): 80 km
  • Top Speed:55 kmph
  • Number of Gears:  Automatic (3 Modes: Eco Mode, Regular Mode and Sport Mode)
  • Battery capacity:29 ah (60v)
  • Weight (Dry):95 kg
  • Charging time: 5-6hr
  • Rated Power:1500w
  • Maximum Power: 2400w
  • Passenger Weight: 155kg (max)
  • Color variants: white, red, blue, black and grey


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Now going around the electric bikes there are variety of models you can get in Nepalese market with different price range. One of the good model you can get is MotoRace –M5 priced at Rs 1,70,000.

For more details about the bike go to the link below.

Link: MotoRace –M5 


Do you know which is the fastest bike in the world???

Unfortunately, it’s not a petrol powered engine bike but a electric powered one. The winner is the Lighting LS-218 Electric Super Bike which broke the record held previous by the cylinder engine bike. So, we can change the traditional perception we have about the performance and the charging issues of electric bikes. The electric bikes can even achieve incredible speed and furthermore, The Lightning LS-218 can be fully charged in just 30 minutes  and has a driving range up to 180 miles per charge. The super-bike is priced at only $38000 which is also cheap.


So, we see that electric bikes are more economic in price, stylish to look at, comfortable to ride on, can be incredible fast and are most importantly pollution free. So, lets venture into the world of electric bikes which will certainly leave you impressed and at the same time you will contribute to the new Greener Nepal.

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