Do you want to know what common traits do almost all successful people carry? Do you know the secret behind the success of Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet or Binod Chaudhary? Well, now you will as Dr. Albert Shapiro of the University of Texas Graduate School of Business identified five traits common to successful business people already.

Go through this may be you might possess one. If not develop yourself, change stubborn habits and go on your way to success.

1. Outwardly, they tend to be modest and chalk off their achievements to “luck”, but inwardly they have strong belief in their power over events.

Believe in yourself

2. Self-motivated doers set long term goals but don’t dwell on them. Most of the time they concentrate on day to day implementation.

focus on goal

3. They don’t worry. The possibility of failure is taken for granted; it’s nothing to worry about.risk

Remember in Business, ‘higher the risk higher the profit’ is basic assumption.

4. They don’t intimidate themselves by setting grandiose goals and overwhelming challenges.


5. They don’t set limited working hours.

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Now you have hands in your arm, feet in your leg; work hard and move on to the direction of your dreams with open mind and clear vision. Success is yours.

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