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Safe Riding: Here are some of the tips

The population has been so increased and so are its consequences. One of its main consequence being increase in traffic led by increase in number of vehicles. Riding on a traffic is a terror.  The increment in vehicles is causing a great inconvenience . Its well unknown fact that  improper riding is the root cause of the accidents mostly for motorcycles. However,these can be reduced by safe riding, by following the traffic rules.

Safe riding, now what is it? What are its components, what are the things that makes us ride safe and avoids accidents ? Lets make it placid. Safe riding means riding the bike under limits in order to avoid the accidents. Many of the riders ride recklessly in an uncivilized way, adding danger even for the safe riders. Further, a large number of pedestrians walk in road, cross the road where ever they feel easy. This causes the accidents, congestion of roads leading to restriction in traffic. Traffic police plays a major role in controlling and managing the vehicles. Job of traffic police is very hectic to be on such a tremendous job controlling the risk of accidents. Most importantly the riders should be aware and ride safe. This itself controls the severity of accidents.

Have a look at the points below and make sure you follow these to avoid accidents:
  1. Be on appropriate gear.
  2. Follow the traffic rules and instructions properly.
  3. Get an inspection done frequently.
  4. Always wear helmet.
  5. Ride in a good mood. A tension free and cool mind leads a good ride.
  6. Only ride according to your skills and ability. Do not try to perform stunts beyond your capacity.
  7. Make sure you ride according to rule. You must have a driving license and good driving skills.
  8. Do not ride beyond the speed limit. Over speed causes most of the accidents.
  9. Avoid icy, slipery and wet roads. Make sure to confirm weather before you move out on a trip.
  10. Never miss out the helmet when on motorcycle.
  11. Watch driver’s head and mirrors properly.
  12. Apply brakes very carefully.
  13. Apart from these pedestrians should also walk properly to make traffic free.
  14. Do not drink and drive. Drinking alchohol is the main cause because people will be out of control and beyond their mind.
  15. Always follow the traffic signs and traffic signals when riding.

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