Internet and Ecommerce

There is a saying “with great power comes great responsibility” which perfectly portrays massive grow of internet. You can move the world with internet but you should also be able to face the consequences. Internet has given you everything you want at your doorstep but it is also our responsibility to use it in boundaries. Today, Internet seems to be resident in everyone’s mind, phones and every other electrical device supporting it. Promotions of movies, businesses, profiles have been way easier with the use of internet. The internet is limitless and beyond one’s imagination. People are lost inside the fame of internet. They stuck more in web then they stuck in traffic. Everywhere you go, you will find someone staring at his phone. Everyone runs after rumors they see on the internet without even thinking twice. And It’s sad that there is nothing we can do about it but least we can do is use it to the limit. Internet might have changed the world but in what way is for us to decide.

The Future of eCommerce Businessh

E-commerce is the one of the most popular and the commonly rising business today. E-commerce i.e. electronic commerce or internet commerce which includes the buying and selling of goods as well as services by the use of the internet, and also the transfer of money and data to execute these transactions. In todays’ world, most of the business has transferred to the online business to reach out to the more customers and provide them their services online.

The reason for moving the business to internet is because they could reach many global buyers from any corner, meaning that the location or the distance between the buyers and the sellers won’t be a barrier anymore. As many of the online goods have fixed price and there won’t be bargain as in the physical shop which will be beneficial for the company to have higher profits and margins from the goods. And also, ecommerce business saves a lot of time of both the buyers as well as the sellers. The buyers could check the available goods and place the order anytime as it won’t have any working hours as the physical shops. Despite of having the online communication for the transactions and shopping, there will be direct communication between the customer and business which will give a valuable personal touch to the customers.

Along with the advantages, there are several disadvantages of the E-commerce which is actually a risk that any E-commerce business faces and which they try to reduce to be in profit as well as to have good standard maintained. Few of the disadvantages of E-commerce is that is quite expensive to maintain and set up the hardware and software and also the cost for the employees training. Making an e-commerce business is surely a risk as there is more possibility of failure, that is because there are many e-commerce businesses and one have to be competitive and have the quality as well as develop the trust among the customers. Customers might not be satisfied with the product quality of the product they buy online. They might have trust issues because it all depend of what they see in the picture and buy. This is the main reason many people don’t trust online sites. For this, quality product should be supplied which will have good impression among the customers and also, they could recommend it to others which will fortunately increase the business customers and also will profit the company. Another problem that might rise would be while shipping and delivering the goods, it might mix up or might not be delivered on time will leave a bad impact on the customers and will be dissatisfied.

Status of eCommerce business in Nepal

Online Shopping is one of the largest businesses across the world. From Amazon to Alibaba and from eBay to flipkart they have revolutionized Shopping. It seems traditional shopping will be in the brink of extinction in next few years. Daraz, Sastodeal & Nepbay are three of the most dominant online stores across Nepal. They hold almost every online costumer right under their nose with all the strategies, promotions & advertisements. To dethrone these and take your business ahead is like swimming in the ocean. You know you can get across but at what cost and in what time. Everyone thinks about taking their business in the top but only if it was that easy. Many online businesses have already faded, many are in the brink.

However, somehow it seems Nepal All Shop has managed to get a proper attention here just within 3 months of its opening. Maybe the products are good, maybe the customer service is nice but to get thousands of visitors every day and growing is simply amazing. Nepal All Shop just like other collects its products directly from vendors. These products are included in the website along with different promotions and advertisements on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn which helps in reaching a certain number of audiences. The proper way to promote business. Nepal All Shop seems to have made a clear strategy here to operate the business. They are not trying to go ahead of others, or to earn more money scamming the costumers. They are just making online shopping easier and trustworthy for all Nepalese citizens. And I assure you, it won’t be long since history changes and Nepal All Shop will be the one ruling the kingdom.

Article By: Prithvi Raj Pant

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