Is Your Diet Not Working? Here’s How You Can Slim Up Within Weeks


Anyone who looks down and sees a doughnut ring around their stomachs knows the frustration very well. Losing weight is a tough business. Once the fat tissues set up camps in our bodies, they’re like relatives at our house on holidays. They just don’t leave that easily. And we’re all going through the struggle of not getting to eat what we really want, rigorous exercises and boiled tasteless mini meals that barely fill us up. The worst part is not getting the results that we want. What are we doing wrong when trying to slim up?

If not done right, your hard works will give you little to no results. After all, it’s not just about looking fit and sexy, obesity can lead to anxiety, lack of motivation and energy and also serious life threatening diseases. Shaper/sliming belts are out of the question. So, just remember to do things the right way and here’s how:

A Few Cups of Green Tea:

One of the most effective ways to lose excess fat is to drink green tea. It has natural antioxidants that trigger fat burning. Just 1-2 cups a day along with some light regular exercise to provoke burning the fat.

20 minutes of Cardio :

YouTube is filled with simple and effective 20 minute cardio lessons. The reason cardio is the most effective for weight loss is due to its nature. It causes the heart to work in overdrive, requiring more energy from your body. Where does that come from? Your fat tissues, that’s what they’re stored for. Quick release of energy.

Skip Carbs, Switch to Fiber:

Food rich in carbohydrate like bread, rice,sugar can give you energy but will also get stored as complex fat molecules if you don’t exercise enough. Switch to healthier alternatives like fruits, vegetables, honey instead of sugar and also a more protein rich diet. Don’t give your body more than it needs.

Walk after your meals:

No, I’m not saying get up right after you eat without settling the bills. But if you go for a light walk after heavy meals, just for 10-15 minutes each time, it will allow your body to start digesting quicker instead of letting it sit around and turn into excess fat.

Motivate yourself:

Slim upThis may have no physical significance but once you get into a strict fitness routine, make sure you stick to it. Many people work hard for one or two weeks and then quit. They don’t see results right away and just go back to unhealthier ways. Remember, every one has bodies that work in their own ways. Being healthy is never a bad thing so never quit in the middle. Even if you do slim up, keep at it. You don’t want a cycle of obese-exercise-slim then back to obesity.