You are lucky if you are with your love, who love and trust you blindly. If the first statement is not onto your love status, then you probably need to figure it out and adopt new action for a healthy and romantic relationship.

It is a bitter truth that these days we hardly get our ear filled with the story of true love that is from couples of years and still on with a cloud of love. Don’t you get influenced by those stories? You definitely want to take a leap into love zone and make a story out of it to make people feel good about your relationship and love just like the way you felt in the first place when you hear about others’ healthy and romantic relationship.

Almost everyone is in a relationship but not up to the point of maintaining it to the long and healthy relationship. It is likely to hear that out of 10 relationships of people near you, 7 of them are not healthy and breakups would be next news to your ears.  If you are reading this, then this will definitely help you maintain your relationship and you can help other too by suggesting them. Who knows you might be awarded love guru.

Here’s a list of 10 ways to maintain the healthy and romantic relationship:

1)    Respect each other:

First thing first, it is Respect. No matter how close you are to him/her, you need to respect him/her. If there is no sense of respect toward your partner, then you are likely to be attached to shortcomings and problems. There is a saying, “If you give respect, you get respect”, this is absolutely legitimate. And when it comes to love, you must respect the way they are/ the way they love and care you, the way they contribute to your love. Respect everything about your partner.

2)    Trust each other:

You might not be new to this topic, “TRUST”. There’s a saying “The world is on one thing, TRUST”.  You need to trust each other for a healthy relationship. Never stuck on them trying to be in a circle of confusion. You might have once doubted them and regretted it. Please never do that until it is necessary, because if you surround yourself with the doubt in your love, then trust me you are surrounding yourself with a belief that your love is not healthy. So trust each other and say goodbye to misunderstanding

3)    Commitment:

When we talk about love, what thing makes you move is, the commitment of your partner to you. Ever felt so good to tell your friends or sibling that your partner is so committed to you? Try this and you will feel so good that your love relationship will flow with more love to each other. When you feel that she/he is committed to you, you will feel amazingly onto love more and more. So if you are in a relationship, remember commitment is the key factor.

4)    Sharing:

So you might be wondering that how come sharing keep your relationship healthy. Well, you might have heard a saying “Sharing is Caring”. It is absolutely and fantastically true. Try this at your own comfort, because love is all about sharing everything. Sharing doesn’t necessarily mean happiness, you need to share your problems with your loved one, this will help build up your emotional attachment.

5)    Appreciate each other:

Appreciating each other is the best way to let trust level reach its peak. You need to appreciate her/his good parts along with her/his flaws and weakness. Address her weakness and work on it. Never keep to yourself. For a healthy relationship, you need to appreciate each other. Appreciate her commitment and honesty in every way you can and everything will go fine.

6)    Celebrate with your partner every now and then:

Celebrating with your partner is the best way to keep the romantic relationship, it can be birthday, dinner and yes date too. This thing will definitely add to a romantic relationship and healthy too. Ask your partner for celebration. You can approach her with gifts and remember DIYs are the best gift. If you are wondering how to DIY, there are lots of You-tube videos in DIYs, you can try it. For your convenience try DIY greeting cards. Make sure you celebrate with your partner often.

7)    Maintain romance:

Healthy romance is also a key factor to healthy life. Make sure you approach him/her and let the romance flow. There will come a time in every relationship, where romance matters a lot. But there is always a way for it. Make sure you have the first kiss the most amazing kiss with your partner and always remember never rush for the kiss or sex. Your partner will surely make it when it is right time but before that have basic and proper knowledge of how to. Healthy sex is the attachment to a healthy relationship. Never force and never let your relationship ruin for the sake of sex. You got to manage romance with your partner for healthy and romantic relationship.

8)    Forgive and overcome misunderstanding:

Now when we talk about the long relationship, there are lots of happening of misunderstanding in it. Life is like a flowing river, there come many obstacles. So is with love, there comes misunderstanding between each other, sometimes due to a gap of conversation and sometimes due to the third person. Never let your love be gone wrong because of a simple misunderstanding. Instead, work on it, talk about it. Remember talking can solve your problem to halfway and forgive is a prime reason to overcome misunderstanding.

9)    Compromise:

Compromising in a relationship is the only way for maintaining a relationship for years and years. You might have heard about long-term relationship, how people came across problems and compromised it and now they are enjoying a healthy relationship. Make a habit of compromising in a relationship because if you cannot compromise in love, you will surely find a void in your love.

10)    Comfort each other:

Last but not the least on top 10 ways of maintaining a healthy and romantic relationship is comforting each other.  Life will sometime make you think out of your way, something wrong and something definitely not good. In that time, make sure you approach your partner, being transparent and comfort each other. Your partner will make you feel good and hopeful. Do this and you will find yourself in a healthy relationship again.